Square Yard in the School Yard

The Square Foot Foundation has volunteers in every state to work on it's seven Square Foot Gardening Projects. The Square Yard in the School Yard would like to have square foot gardening included in the school curriculum's around the United States.

At the present time foundation members, Lila F. Ralston and Catherine Little have written a teachers's guide to A Square Yard in the School Yard. It is ready now for teachers to use and get ideas to use in the classroom for the 1996-1997 school year

The text of the guide is posted here. Future updates will be found here also. The posting date for this issue is 12/9/96.

Other Square Foot Garden Foundation Projects are:

Nursing Home Project, Spread the Word-Radio and Newspapers, Neighborhood Host, Library Display Garden, Preschool Sprouts, SqFt Newsletter.

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