The Agriculture Education Path

Please walk around as much as you like and explore. We are never to young or old to learn and ALL of us need and use Agriculture each and every day.

I teach agriculture at Stuart Middle School , in Stuart, Fla. Here are some of the things we do in class. Also visit the Stuart Middle School Webpage.

Sites for activities in the classroom

Check out Batman and Friends of Bats. Bats are the gardens and mans friend not foe.

Visit Florida Ag in the Classroom

Planet Ag

Marketing Florida Agriculture

FloridAgriculture Magazine

Florida Universty and Government Agriculture Sites

For Extension Service Pamplets and the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program visit EDIS

The University of Florida is the greatest University. Can you tell where I went?

IFAS the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Comsumer Service

Magazines and Publications

The USDA's Agricultural Research Magazine has interesting research articles.

The Progressive Farmers Magazine will keep you up to date with the latest ideas.

Old Farmer's Almanac may just be able to help you predict the weather.

Online seed companies: Burpee Seeds or Parks Seed . For transplants by mail check out Green Mountain Transplants .

Teacher Magazine Online


Specific Agricultural Topics

For your drip irrigation and sprinkler supplies visit Dripworks.

Want to grow carnivorous plants in class try this site.

Check out the exciting Tele-garden a tele-robotic that allows users to remotely view and tend a living garden

Mycorrhizae : Nature's Tree Protection - Root Fungus, a "natural forest soil ecosystem"

The queen of the tropics, Hibiscus , many more colors than the changing ones on the main page.

General Agriculture Sites

If you can't find it here You Will Find It at this amazing gardening site.

Check out Garden Mart along with their archive of interesting gardening questions.


Weather Related Sites

Let's check out what the weather is going to be like around the world.

Or at the Weather Channel .

Here is a Map that you can use to find your way around the United States.

Education sites for teachers and students

A good site for students to find information is at the American Library Association's For all students no matter what their interest, there is something at Channel One .

FIRN -- The Florida Information Resources Network

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