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Due to computer failure and other problems I lost many of the segments that were on the Square Foot page. As I develop them back in a better style they shall appear. Please send me any Ideas you have or would like to see. Just click below to email me.

Things we did have were: List of states, a weekly chat, links to other sqft pages and seed companies and sq meter gardening which all those pages were lost.


Farmer Brown

Here is my new garden. Just flowers and no bending over

My visit with Mel

I was able to meet and have lunch with Mel as he is writing and working on getting all his many pictures in order down here in Florida. It was a thrill to see him again since he spoke about Square Foot Gardening a few years ago in West Palm Beach.


The SQFT List

Here are the directions to get on the a computer email system to correspond with other Square Foot Gardeners around the world.

To join the newest sqft list go to Click on "Join a new mailing list"Under "List ID" put in sqft your email address. You will need to fill out some other information and you will be ready to let us hear about your garden.

Search all the old messages from the beginning in 1997 at:


Square Foot Gardening Chat

It's back again, the SqFt Chat. Want to chat and compare notes on your garden? Lets Chat.

Click below which will take you to the chat room. There is no set time so it is best to set up a chat with someone on the Square Foot List (above) and meet then. When you click below it will open up an applet in a few seconds, you enter your nickname, profile (if you want) and start to chat.

Enter the chat room here!

Visit who supplies this chat room.


Square Foot Garden Message Board

If you would like to tell us about your garden , make a comment about Square Foot Gardening or any Questions you want to ask and have others answer join in. Bookmark the page so you can return often. This is the Garden Web, Square Foot Gardening Forum.



You can get the latest copy of the News-e-Mail by clicking on Mel's page in the upper right hand corner.


Square Foot Gardening in the UK


Another Great Site

For our gardening friends in the United Kingdom please look here.



The Square Foot Gardening Club

Here you can ask questions, give your advice and even have a chat with other Square Foot Gardeners, stop in and visit.


Check out using Square Foot Gardening in the Landscape

By Patrick J. Prickett



Square Foot Gardening Software

Garden Manager 3.0


This is it, Software for our Square Foot Garden. Jonathan Maier has developed this program to help keep our gardens organized. Garden Manager 3.0 for Windows 95/98 is shareware, you can download it from and see some of the screenshots at When you use the program you can register it for $15.00. Jonathan has put in time and effort so give it a try and register it if you use it. You can contact Jonathan Here.



Square Foot Gardening Books, Tapes, Shirts and Caps

If you want you can get the book and tapes from Mel: click here Now you can get the New Square Foot Gardening Caps and T Shirts.


Schools and SqFt Gardening

A Square Yard In Your School Yard

The Square Foot Foundation's Project Number 6 is A Square Yard in Your School Yard . This is of special interest to teachers. Drop in and get a copy of the teachers guide to Square Foot Gardening.


I if you have comments or things you would like to see added to the Square Foot Pages please email me.

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